When I think of my 3 months journey of Amal fellowship, my heart fills with gratitude and positivity. The two things that are essential for living a peaceful life. A life, full of happiness and contentment. I’m glad that I had Ma’am Huda and Sir Hamza as our facilitators, who always listened to us, from our disappointments to our achievements, and I’m happy that I had the best fellows who were there with each other through all thick and thins, who supported without judging others, who kept themselves in each other's shoes and tried to help each other out in every possible way.

My beautiful batch 176

Now that it all comes to an end, with a weekend without the session with my peeps, I’m feeling sad. Sad but motivated at the same time. I know that someday when the pages of my life will end, this particular part of 3 months would be one of the most favorite chapters of mine.

Taking a flight to new beginnings.

Lao Tzu says “What the caterpillar calls the end. The world calls it a butterfly.” We were caterpillars for 3 months. Now we are grown-up butterflies who are ready to dive into the world and spread all our colors.

Our last session was a mixture of emotions. We were happy, sad, excited, motivated, emotional, and overwhelmed at the same time. We had some amazing activities for the last time, and bid farewell to each other, promising that we will always be here for each other no matter what. We often do not want some things to end, but all happens for good. And this fellowship has brought out the best in me.

The end of an amazing journey.

In the end, I would narrate one of my favorite quotes of all time by Trent Sheldon “At the end of the day, all that matters is love and memories, so make sure you give it and make sure you make them.” An end is always followed by a beginning.

Cheers to a lifelong learning journey ahead! Many prayers and good wishes for my beautiful facilitators and fellows. I hope that the coming chapters of our lives would be as beautiful as we expect them to be, and even if they are not, we will accept them the way they are and will remain positive and grateful ❤

PHARM-D Student Selenophile Bibliophile